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Website development

Website developer in Annecy since 2009, I create or redesign your website in your image.

All the sites created are made from CMS (content management system), configured according to your needs.

These systems allow direct and simple handling for occasional or regular updates.

The majority of websites created are based on the WordPress CMS which is the most widely used in the world (43% of websites)…

Production Features

Neat graphics

The appearance and aesthetics of a website are essential and must be personalized by giving a clean and faithful image to an activity. This is why the design and the graphic part must be neat...

Attractive content

The substance is just as important as the shape! A regularly updated site with relevant information is more effective and attractive. Quality content written with attention is to be preferred!

Responsive design

A modern website must be readable on all types of media and screen sizes: smartphones - tablets - computers - TVs. All the sites created are therefore 100% responsive.

Adapted ergonomics

Finding important information quickly, navigating fluidly on a website: this is essential to guarantee a good visitor experience and make Internet users want to come back.

SEO optimized

Good positioning and ranking on search engines guarantee good visibility on the web. Natural referencing and search results optimization (SEO) are integrated.

Secure website

Without monitoring and maintenance, a website remains vulnerable to malicious attacks and hacks. A security watch is provided to prevent risks and protect the sites created.


GRC conseil


Support in all stages of the realization of your project: domain name, hosting, formalities…

GRC admin

Website administration

Installation, management, configuration and configuration of Internet solutions and tools...



Writing and updating content, publishing news, distributing newsletters. Webmaster on demand...



Training sessions for a direct, quick and simple handling of the different solutions installed...



Essential to guarantee the monitoring, proper functioning and security of the installed sites…



After-sales service provided: Troubleshooting, settings, restorations, backups and reinstallations…

Production Samples


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